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ShastraNethralaya News

This blog will deal with all the aspects of shastra.

We will have Q & A, explation on some points of Shastra.

To study shastra in a proper order, visit our web-site.

Complete lectures are available in English and Tamil now for free download.


1. Do Sandya Vandana daily (if you are initiated).

2. Never forget to worship your Kula Devata (Family Deity).

News :

Dated : 24 Dec 2013

Finding it difficult to create a new page, i have upload all the links for below mentioned lectures in

1. Advaita-Siddhi of Sri Madhusudana Saraswati ji, Mp3 Lectures both English and Tamil are uploaded, (till the end of Pratyaksha Pariccheda (first chapter)).

– Explained in easy to understand language for people without strong knowledge of nyaya (tarka).

2. Vivekachudamani Mp3 Lectures in English and Tamil.

3. Pancikarana with Vartika Lectures available in English and Tamil.

4. Brahma Sutra with Bhashya Lectures in Hindi

5. Tarka Sangraha in Hindi.

6. Artha Sangraha in Hindi.

7. Bhagavad Gita – Gudartha Dipika in Hindi – till Chapter 2 Sloka 16.


Dated – 14 April 2016

We have put a new Website where all these are uploaded and linked to properly.


NEW:::: Videos of Lectures available in Youtube. For Video visit :  for complete list of lectures.

AdiLaghu, AdiSankhya and AdiTarka lectures in both Tamil and English in our YouTube channel.


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