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ShastraNethralaya News

This blog will deal with all the aspects of shastra.

We will have Q & A, explanation on some points of Shastra.

To study shastra in a proper order, visit our web-site.

Complete lectures are available in English and Tamil now for free download.


1. Do Sandya Vandana daily (if you are initiated).

2. Never forget to worship your Kula Devata (Family Deity).

News :


NEW:::: Videos of Lectures available in Youtube. For Video visit :  for complete list of lectures.

AdiLaghu, AdiSankhya and AdiTarka lectures in both Tamil and English in our YouTube channel.


This is the Method of studying the Shastra


To study the Shastra there are different levels that we recommend. For a person who is interested in only the Vedanta Shastra, who cannot and do not want to undergo the study of the other Shastras, for lack of inquisite or lack of interest the first stage and second stage.


For the people who are interested only in understanding the basics of Vedanta with some good grasp over the subject.

First Stage
– Sadhana Pancakam
– Tattva Bodha
– Kaivalya Navaneetham (Tamil Only)
– Vivekacudamani

For people who want to understand the intricacies of Vedanta without worrying about the other Shastra
Second Stage
First Stage +
– Other Prakarana Texts
– Pancadashi

For people who want to have a complete grasp over the Shastra
Third Stage
First Stage +
– Other Shastras +
– Vedanta Paribhasha
– Pancadashi
– Prastana Traya
– Bhagavad Gita Bhashya
– Upanishads Bhashya
– Brahma Sutra Bhashya

For people who want to study the Shastras Completely, and be independent of any doubts
Turiya Stage
Third Stage +
– Bhagavad Gita (Gudartha Dipika)
– Brihad Prastana
– Advaita Siddhi
– Khandana Khanda
– Siddhanta Lesha Sangraha (English only) OR Siddhantakalpavalli
– Vedanta Siddhanta Muktavali

Other Shastras

Sanskrit (as Optional)
– Antoine (Non-traditional Approach for learning the language)
– AdiLaghu (Neo-Traditional and a must read for people who want to go the traditional way)
– Laghu Siddhanta Kaumudi (Traditional)
– Siddhanta Kaumudi (Traditional)

– Sankhya Karika with Bhashya

– Sutra with Bhashya

Nyaya & Vaisheshika
– Tarka Sandgraha Moola
– Tarka Sangraha PadaKrtya commentary
– Tarka Sangraha – Nyaya Bodhini commentary
– AdiTarka (a good crash course to brush-up the understanding)

Poorva Mimamsa
– Artha Sangraha


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