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Searching beauty.

Posted by on November 5, 2011

My previous blog titled “oh, what a LIFE” seems to be one with a lot of self-pity or complaint, when viewed otherwise. But the truth is, it was a expression of happiness or contentment. It is a way of life, as I said before, accepted whole-heartedly with love by me. To do something one loves one will have twenty-six hours per day.


Let me tell a story of another Saint poet, Sri Rabindranath Tagore (I think it is him who wrote this story, read it long back). There was this man in search of god, he decided the best way to meet him is go out and make a search. And, thus he went on a God hunt  :). After a long period of search, he had a glimpse of God walking a little distance away from him. By walking faster he narrowed the distance between them, and before he could present himself in front of God, God went inside a building climbing the stairs. Our man was happy now that he not only has a chance to meet the God but has his address too. So, after making himself presentable, he climbed the stairs, and was about to knock on the front gate. Suddenly the fear caught him, no this time it is not the fear of seeing the God, let us accept him to be a pakwi (an evolved soul). But, this fear is of the nature, “ok, I am in the front gate of God, when I knock on the door he may come and open the gate and ask ‘Yes’ :), now what will I say or do for the rest of my life. Now that my quest is fulfilled”, not able to give-up the search, mind-you the search itself becomes an enjoyable thing and one becomes addicted to it, like any other source of happiness. So, our man, removed his slippers slowly without making any noise climbed down the stairs, and put some distance between him and the house, and started running from that place. Still, this man is in search of God, but that now he knows where he lives, he searches for him in all the other places.


If you remember what Birbal told Akbar, this may seem to be a logic-less story, but the idea it gives is about the addiction to the search. What did birbal tell ? let us see – one day akbar called the court and asked everyone there, “who is great, me or God” , since akbar was a believer the others in court happily thought the best course to answer is to accept it is God. But, birbal thought otherwise, a wise man he was, he said akbar, that he (akbar) is greater than the God. Akbar became furious and the crowd became happy, they were envious of the position birbal had in akbars court. Akbar asked birbal to prove it otherwise he will be sent out of the kingdom, akbar could not bring himself to the level of beheading birbal. Birbal countered, exactly this is the reason for you being greater than the God, for God even if he dislikes someone cannot sent him out of his kingdom, whereas akbar can. Should we anything more ?


From this standpoint the previous story may seem to be illogical. But always remember this, similes should not be extended, only smiles can be. The purport of a simile is just to prove one angle of the proven, and not wholly. Otherwise there will not be two states of the example and the exemplified.


The point is, I lost the joy of search :), ‘ekaki na ramate’ – alone one cannot enjoy.



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