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Spiritual Seniors could be a problem

Posted by on September 29, 2011

This really happened. Now, if i think about it, it is a big joke. No doubt, will make one laugh when one reads. This  happenned during the beggining of my spiritual journey. As i had already told in my previous blog, i had no inclinations toward magical solutions. But still, strange are the ways of ignorance!During this period, i had some new friends, who are seniors in the path. One among them is mani, who is very senior in age and in the path. He used to belive in (hear still beleives), these idiotic sadhanas. He told me one day (he has so much conviction, if one does not know him or the subject, one is sure to beleive in him) during sadhana period, one should not look into the eyes of others, because, it makes you loose your spiritual energy. I BELEIVED IT :).It was a bad day to beleive it, i was invited for a interview for some overseas appointment (by this time i was loosing my inclination for making a career). Anyway, off i went to the interview, very carefully avoiding eye contact with anyone on the way. It definetly gives a big high to do so. Went to this head-hunters office, at the appointed time, and the one who was to interview me was a lady. I didnt give up my sadhana :). During the interview, i avoided looking at her, and answered all the questions looking at the table top or the wall behind or her head. She was trying to get my attention, and i was very proud of not to let her. It definetly puts one off-track when one does not see their eyes / face during the talk. I
came after succefully attending the interview and gave a detailed account of my success in the sadhana on that day. My interview ? you have to loose some to gain some 🙂

This madness didnt possess me for a long time. It was a good teaching, in the donts of spirituality and the problems seniors can create.

People cant keep their mouth shut, when they dont know. The problem is they dont know that they dont know.



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