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The Brahmachari Danda

Posted by on May 23, 2015

Brahmacharya Initiation

Brahmacharya Initiation

After speaking about the danda of the Acharya, there was this very interesting question which was posted. The Brahmins who are initiated with the sacred thread (as the process of initiation is now to be seen for the others anywhere), are given a danda, and this they are asked to leave what about this.

Very good question indeed. This is a process which started because of the impossible situation of maintaining the danda by the brahmachari, as the varna system has collapsed completely. Though the shastras are not averse to one who wants to follow the tradition.
But, having a danda, means one has to maintain purity in general. Starting from the purity of food, to the living style.

And the karmas, other than the sandhyavandana, such as the samidhaadhaana etc should be performed.

But these are just the general ideas, which we get, since there is no clear knowledge regarding the maintenance of the danda, even in the pious household of the south india or elsewhere for that matter.

Is the rituals followed by the dandi sannyasi, as not keeping the danda too far away from him, or is there rules for not letting a shudra between him and the danda, or the proper method to maintain the danda, or the rituals to be performed for and with the danda or the rituals that need to be done for leaving the old and broken danda for a new one or and or and or, have no proper answers.

Therefore, if one is interested in maintaining the danda, the best way is to keep it in the pooja room after properly receiving it and maintain a general shuddha / aachaara, having a tuft and atleast take a bath and washing the clothes worn once they come from outside.

Smart Mauni says “atleast we didn’t say the danda (meaning waste in tamil) brahmachari”.

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