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The Goodie Goodie Philosophy

Posted by on May 23, 2015

For long I wanted to write on those idiots who shamelessly say “all path leads to realization”, and here when I said “idiots”, I didn’t mean with any love or respect.
Let us be clear of this thing, once for all. There cannot be a simple universal single solution (result) for all the methods, they we may have a single universal theorem for everything.
We cannot accept the statement “all…” because then if we do vice the result may sometime be virtuous too, but this is welcome by all. But not the contrary, when we do a virtuous deed and the result is vice.

I call these people who subscribe to the idea, Goodie Goodie philosophers. What is this goodie goodie, let me explain its background. When I was travelling from Rishikesh towards Delhi, I was chauffeured by a Sardar ji (I am neither picking this from the sardarji jokes nor am I contributing to). I was travelling along with my disciple. On the way, whenever there is a close shave of an accident or some other incident, for which the other man, be it a cyclist or a car driver, I used to comment, ‘see how he drives’, Since I was sitting in the front seat, beside the driver, I was not able to observe the reason for the folly. The driver will immediately comment ‘yeh bhi thik hai’ (this is correct, too). And when the man in the back seat, comments about the reason for the mistake of the other driver, my sardar driver will immediately say ‘yeh bhi thik hai’ (this too is correct). Now, we can see we both cannot be correct and wrong at the same time. This became the base for my goodie goodie philosophy, when people declare ‘this path is correct, too’, for all the sundry methods practiced by the fools for realization, instead of trying to help them. Oh, I do remember saying in another blog post, no one can be corrected, unless he or she wants to change. But that does not mean, we should strengthen their wrong beliefs.

For this, there are other fools who shamelessly declare, the truth is changing, it was yesterday’s truth and this it today’s truth, blah blah … And if this be so, as said earlier, why should we go behind this fool, as we have come to understand the changing truth, and this too will change, and this fellow who propagates the idea, has a problem, because, whatever be the truth of yesterday that he realized, is no more a truth today.
And if the truth is changing, remember, that is no truth.

This is not my philosophy, which I am making you to swallow. This is the teaching of the Shruti, which categorically says “nanya panthaa vidyate ayanaaya” (there is no other path for realizing this truth).

Bhagavan Bhashyakara in his Vivekacudamani Sloka 6 “vadantu…”, reiterates this very same idea.
Note : Sardar is one who follows the Sikh dharma. They have the guts and jovialness to laugh at themselves, and therefore there are many jokes written on them, some maybe by their own people.

Smart Mauni says “yeh bhi thik hai”.

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