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Govinda – 1

Posted by on April 23, 2015

Whoever has read the famous novel “Siddartha” of Herman hesse, will know that in that novel Govinda was friend of Siddartha. In this ‘novel’ we will follow the life of Govinda. This book is not totally based on siddartha, so, we will see our characterization and situations change from the book.

The basic idea to write this book, is to give some idea about the Sanatana-Dharma and more importantly Vedanta, but if it is done as a novel, it will be a lot easier to grasp, so this novel idea. But this novel idea is not so novel an idea, this idea is what was used by many great saints to teach Vedanta. Bhagavan vyasa, bhagavan vashista etc to name a few have used this method.

But why Siddartha? Because, it was done in more of a mystic way. Where, seeming logic seems to be the true logic. Seeing the sufferings of siddartha who without a proper guru had to find his own way, and fall for the temptations of the world, and not just that found being lost in the spiritual path also. This we can see in the hallucinated gibberish he makes, when he talks to the river and all. This raises doubts in some mind about the traditional path.

The story has nothing to do with my Life story :). The naming convention like Govindarama (Ramakrishnan) or of his father Shivahari (Hariharan) looks like thethe names portion swapped Shiva – haran and Hari – hari. Or Rama – Rama, Govinda – krishnan. These were not consciously done.

The story is written as an outline for a magnum-opus :), fortunately the readers are spared of that pain. There may be many other websites and / or books that enlighten you about the different topics explained here in a detailed and better manner. The idea is to give a glimpse of the Sanata-dharma, to the readers and not make them an exponent. And for most readers this is good enough.

The story is yet to be completed, but thought to give the world a glimpse into the life of Govinda. Happy reading.

Govinda, Govinda…

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