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Problems and Solutions – in Purascharana

Posted by on January 20, 2015

After seeing a large number of people interested in knowing about the purascharana, i thought to write some of the “problems” on may face in the period of purascharana.

The most important of all the other problem one faces during one starts a purascharana is the increase of ‘heat; in the body. People who are familiar with this concept can easily understand what i mean, but this has no equivalent term in the allopathy, at best, we can translate this phenomenon as biliousness (bile). Majority of the people who do a lot of sadhana, including purascharana, face this. I tried many forms of remedy, but the best i found is what is given here

1.       Eating a small ball of butter. For those who worry about their cholesterol level, there are other methods. But, this is the best treatment i found handy during the purascharana.

  1. Drinking jeera (Tamil – jeeragam, English – cumin seed) water, better if the jeera is roasted a little. Boil water with jeera and drink it throughout the day.
  2. Roast methi seed (Tamil – vendhayam, English – fenugreek), soak some 10/12 seeds in a glass of water in the night and drink and eat it in the morning.
  3. When during this period, for lack of following the above methods, if i get ulcer in the mouth, i used to take B-complex capsules for 3/4 days.
  4. But if one has an excessive amount of bile, causing heavy head, nausea etc this is the best treatment – take a mixture of some raisins (dry grape), ginger, jeera and sugar.


The next important problem is concentration. After a period of time, if we are not used to meditating for a longer period, the eyes automatically open. The best thing to do during this time is, let it be in that state (open) for some time before closing it again.

The mind will start to wander, mostly thinking about the long period of time we are meditating, in reality it will only be less than an hour, again, chant the mantra in soft tone (murmur), before continuing with the meditation in mind.

After completing the chanting for the day, do not get up immediately, for this will cause temporary or permanent cramp in the legs. Just let the blood flow through before stretching the legs completely. In case we get some cramps etc, use salt water fomenting for some time.


Whatever problems you may face, never give-in to your weakness, because the whole point of doing the purascharana is to strengthen your will-power, therefore challenge the weaknesses as and when one arises.




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