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Brief Intro to AdiLaghu

Posted by on October 28, 2014

Link to AdiLaghu English

Link to AdiLaghu Tamil



Brief intro to AdiLaghu AdiLaghu is an abridged version of Sanskrit Grammar Sutras written by Maharshi Panini Maharaj. Sri Panini wrote the Sutras for understanding the Grammar Rules in a much easier and crisp form than the other predessors, thus made those teaching and texts redundant.

The text written by Sri Panini for this is called Ashtaadhyaayi. This contains 8 chapters (Ahta – 8 and Adhyaya – chapter). Each chapter is divided into four groups called Pada (quarter). The sutras are arranged in a very systematic way, and not topic wise. For understanding the first Sutra “Vrrddhiraadaic” one should study all the other sutras too. At the least the sutras which deals with what is Vriddhi (and what is not), and the sutras that gives us the understanding what the Pratyahara (codes) aad and aic means. Therefore for understanding this, one should, and as they do even now, memorize all the sutras. Even then, still the teaching of the grammar rules contained here will be incomplete if they are not complemented with the Vartika (corrective sutras) written by Sri Vararuchi. This removes the discrepancy in some of the sutras.

This is a tall order, first to ask the student to memorize the sutras for the study of Sanskrit. And many of us, including me, know about this method of learning the grammar in their late prime or even later part of the life. If we search for any other comprehensive way for studying the grammar, there are though texts, like Siddhanta-kaumudi which are based on the Ashtadhyayi and is a rearranged format of the complete sutras.

For many of us who want to understand the language, than to become an exponent, even this becomes a tedious task. We have for us Laghu-Siddhanta-Kaumudi which is an abridged version of the order prescribed in the Siddhantakaumudi containing some 1300 sutras. Here the Author Sri Varadaraja has eliminated the unwanted sutras and has stuck to something little more than the basics skeleton.

Even here there are some sutras which come at the wrong time (like ‘Hal sandhi’ sutras in ‘Ac sandhi’). Therefore, during the teaching of this text I found it necessary for someone who is interested to get a grasp of the language structure, then anything else a text with just the basic sutras.

Thus I started writing AdiLaghu, which I named “U, Me and Panini”. To start with it had only the sutras till the Subhanta Prakarana (the topic dealing with the noun declensions). Later after a small break, when I decided to finish this, added the rest of the important chapters with minimal Sutras.

Now we have AdiLaghu dealing with somewhere ~250 sutras and spanning ~ 52 classes, loosely based on LaghuSiddhantaKaumudi. This though may not be the be all end all kind of book for learning the Sanskrit grammar, will definitely give a complete insight towards understanding the sutras in a easier way. For someone who is not interested in in-depth grammar, this is probably the place to start with.

If this kindles the interest in the study of the grammar, we have complete LaghuSiddhantaKaumudi in mp3 files in the website. This is done to help people learn about the grammar, in a more scientific way (like learning maths), and we have done it both in English and Tamil, as of now.


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