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Gayatri Purascarana

Posted by on February 18, 2014

I received a question asking about the gayatri purascarana. Though we wrote about the purascarana In general the gayatri purascarana is a special one.

First we will discuss the pre-requisite for this purascarana. One should be one in the trivarnika (Brahmin, kshatriya or vaishya), this is a basic requirement, as specified by the Shastra, for the initiation of the gayatri mantra. As swami Ser Nrsimha bharati of sringeri said once in a Q & A, there is mo trivarnika system anymore, there is only the Brahmins and others. But, this was then, this does not mean the system has improved significantly, but, even among the Brahmins the people who can be qualified to be one is very few, mind you, I have seen / heard about the Brahmins who ask for a sacred thread for the sake of fooding !, in the special row, which they follow in Karnataka. Many of them are just egotistical idiots (this is the best derogatory and complementary word I use), and this is a matter of another blog altogether.

Gayatri mantra should be initiated with the sacred thread, and we are not talking about the initiation which is given like any other mantra, in some groups.

This purascarana is one of the toughest purascarana, I have though done as I already mentioned elsewhere others purascaranas, tried and was not able to complete it. it is a very demanding purascarana.

People who claim to have done 15 or 20 purascarana are either lying about it or the followers are ignorant about the number or both are ignorant about the purascarana.

Let me explain. This purascarana as I said earlier is not a simple one and is a different form from the others. In the other purascarana one can chant the mantra, as many number of times possible by one, and therefore can control the time period one wants to perform the purascarana in. But here, one can only chant 3000 per day. The other mantras if they are small we chant akshara laksha (as many lac as the number of syllables) and if it is big, generally, a lac is the number specified for a purascarana, but here it is the former, 24 lac chants.

1000 – takes around 2 hours. Per day 3000. This itself will take around 8 – 9 hrs, from bath to completion. In ~ 3 years one may complete the required numbers. And this is full-time job.

Anyway, for those whoc want to know atleast the detail or those who want to try their hands in this, we will discuss the rules.

  1. After the morning physical rituals, like bath etc, one should perform the Sandhyavandana, and there is no choice here.
  2. In sandhyavandana, the gayatri chanted is for the sandyavandana and does not form the part of the purascarana.
  3. Perform puja for the yantra (this is only in the morning), though some flower and dupa & dipa should be shown during the other times.
  4. Chant gayatri mantra for the purascarana in a slow way, with intonations specified, 1000 times.
  5. After completing the chants (24 lac), the other parts of the purascarana as specified in the previous blog should be followed.


Smart Mauni speaks “purascarana , i thought means pura – outside, carana – roaming, that is roaming outside”

Smart Mauni speaks again “Maybe they remember and count the purascaranas done in their past births”

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