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the Myth of Philosophy – 2

Posted by on January 2, 2014

Now after explaining the stories as just that, from the stand point of advaita, of course.

Now the others who are the major, whom the advaitins call dvaitins, will stand-up with a thousand objections (no matter whether they are quarter, half or three-quarter or even 99.99 % dualists :)). Now, they also being Shastra should be taken care in a proper way.


Therefore, to complete the explanation, we start again.

From the advaitic standpoint of view, even the hymns sung by the great Acharya (ofcourse, it is Bhagavan Bhashyakara) also falls under this category, without any doubt. Is it not a blasphemy, as once you yourself accepted so, somewhere (speaking against the Acharya), if be asked, this will be accepted by the great Acharya Himself, very gladly.

As rightly any person with even little knowledge will understand, and you people who have come to Shastra, definitely posses more punya and more sharp wit, will ask, what about the others ? what others 🙂

OK, from the standpoint of vyavahara, you also should have to accept, some reason. If I can exist, why not He or She.  As I had said in the previous blog, until one has the identification with the body – sense organ complex, all this is true, from that point, all that also can be true too.

Even the advaitins in the transactional plane, do accept, for different reasons, best known only to Them, when explaining about the gnanis (realized), as incarnation of A, B or C, where A, B or C can be any one of the deities from the pantheon of deities accepted.

If it is not a Sri Krishna, it is the Guru who is instructing Sri Arjuna, the Disciple and vice-versa.

If a person who does not accept these deities, he does not become less of a Sananta Dharma follower, than the one who accepts, one or more of the deities.

And this is why, when a person accepts one  Baba or any other Baba, still is a Practicing Hindu, by which we mean Sanatana dharma follower.Whichever way, the siddhis are not a quotient, but the knowledge of the Truth, in accepting the Babas, even for them.

Sanatana Dharma is an ocean which caters to people of different sections, therefore, the very same explanation of the philosophy becomes a very valid proof for the existence of their (!) God.

Smart Mouni Says “whether you believe or no believe OR know or no know, you are a Sanatana dharma follower, the moment you accept the Existence”.


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