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No Work Just Gnan

Posted by on December 29, 2013


vadantu çästräëi yajantu devän

kurvantu karmäëi bhajantu devatäù |

ätmaikyabodhena vinäpi muktiù

na sidhyati brahmaçatäntare’pi || 6||


Vadantu – let him speak, Shastrani – on the scriptures, Yajantu – let him propitiate, Devani – the deities, Kurvantu – let him do, Karmani – the karmas prescribed in the scriptures and the other karmas, Bhajantu – let him worship or serve the Gods, Atma-aikya=bodhena – the knowledge of the non-duality of the Self,  Vina-api – without it, Mukti – realization, Na – will not, Sidhyati – be accomplished, Brahma-shatantare-api – even in hundreds of Brahmas period.


Let him speak on the scriptures, let him propitiate the deities, let him do the karmas prescribed in the scriptures and the other karmas (for the benefit of people), let him worship or serve the Gods, without the knowledge of the non-duality of the Self, even in the hundred lifes of the Brahma one will not gain the release.

Here by the different types of actions, Vadantu, Yajantu, Kurvantu. And Bhajantu the four different types of means to gain the result of karmas is explained. They are Samskarya, Apya, Utpadya and Vikarya respectively.

The Brahman knowledge cannot be any of them because if it is accepted as a result of karma, the knowledge becomes non-eternal. Other than that, it cannot be –

  1. Samskarya – purificatory, there is nothing to be purified.
  2. Apya – gain, there is nothing other than the Self, and it is never lost being our very nature.
  3. Utpadya – creating, it being ever present as our own nature or Self, cannot be created.
  4. Vikarya – transformation, it cannot be transformed; any change proves it is non-eternal.

Atma-aikya-bodhena – only by the knowledge of the Self as nothing different from our real nature. The identification with body-sense organ complex is because of ignorance, in reality we are the absokute Self, without this knowledge.

Brahma-Shatantare – a life period of brahma, the first born is very large in comparison with the human life span. A day of brahma is equivalent to forty thousand lack years of the human being.

Or In other words, without the knowledge of the non-duality of the Self, if we run, climb trees, shout or take baths or for that matter chant mantras, take dip in holy rivers, do yoga or meditation we will not be able to gain the realization.


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