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Dharma Connections

Posted by on August 30, 2013

Many a time it is dangerous to interpret the Shastra verbatim. That is why we always give importance to the tradition. There is a statement which says Brahma does not grow due to merit or decrease due to demerit – “na dharmena vardhate nadharmena kaniyan”.

The statement seems to be a very harmless statement, at face value. And the interpretation given above fits the bill, and is what is generally given by the lecturers.

But, for someone who has studied tarka or has a little logical sense this statement interpretation will be one of the ‘foolest’ way of interpreting.

Foolest ? ok, we can understand Brahman does not grow because of punya or decrease because of papa. But, what about the inverse or vice-versa. That is, will Brahman grow because of adharma and decrease because of dharma. That is not the case, too.

The primary idea of the scripture is to tell us that punya and papa cannot bring about any change in the Brahman. Because it is not a samskaarya or aapya or utpaadya or vikaarya (purify, gain, create or transform). The four modes of attainment through karma.

So, the interpretation should be, Brahman does not grow or decrease of punya and papa.


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