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What is Vairagya ?

Posted by on May 23, 2011

Why Vairagya at this small age? This was the question which I faced when I came to rishikesh. They used to ask me, what is the anger with the world etc.
The truth is if you come for any other reason, finally you will be caught by the same reason, you wanted an escape from.

Some say, Swamiji, only because of him / her / this / that iam staying there, otherwise i would have come too.
Some for this say, it is like a man holding on to the tree and saying, the tree is not leaving me !
But, for me, I used to board a bus, from the Vadapalani (chennai, india) bus station. There was a man with a monkey, who used to beg in the bus stand. He used to say, sir / madam please give some alms, for this (vayilla jeevan)mouthless being (meaning, it cannot ask for). So, after he gets sufficient amount, he will go to the small hotel in the premise and buy 4 idlys (rice cake), with the sambar and sit nicely in a corner. Then he will throw an idly on the ground next to that monkey.
Now, this sight made me to think. The beggar, is using the monkey for his benefit. For, if he leaves the monkey, it can fetch for itself, but this fellow will have problems.
This is the way of us also, really we are not interested in giving-up anything. We want to enjoy, and at the same time not own up the responsibility.


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