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No Confusion

Posted by on March 15, 2013

In an earlier blog, I had said that the puranas are for the people who are less qualified. Now on reading this we (some of us ­čÖé ) have these doubts,

What exactly is the role of puranas?You wrote in your blog it is the means of┬árealization┬áfor less qualified people .But somehow it seems that to understand the puranas one has to have more maturity than the shrutis.why I am saying this is because puranas often contains stories which areenough to confuse people ,sometimes Shiva or Shree Hari are shown to behave in such a manner that is not expected from a morally elevted person. we do find puranas extolling one God over the┬á┬áreconcile them is rather diffiult.So less qualified people won’t they get more confused?


The question is from a not-so less qualified. The less and / or lesser qualified person will not think like this. And if at all these questions arise than understand he is not the less ualified person we are talking about.

And as for the contradictions in the smrti, they are not like prastanatrayi, where one reads all, they select one of their favorite hero, and his one drama and generally stick to it, without bothering much about the difficulties you face :).

It is like the story we say, when the acharya was explaining bhagawad gita for more than an hour, one layman asked him to stop, when asked for the reason, he said, since bhagawan is turning around to teach arjuna he will have ache in his neck.

So, no confusion. OK ­čÖé

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