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Posted by on March 6, 2013

This happened years back. When I was in virakth ashram. I had gone from rishikesh to Delhi to purchase some books. It had to be purchased from different locations. I bought some books from old delhi, near university. These were books from chaukamba, and I had to buy some sets of the sankya karika book for my neighbor, Other than a couple of books for other.

Then I went to Rohini, to buy books from Parimal Publishers. The man who is the owner stays there, a very nice gentleman. I had gone there to buy a book on Sanskrit grammar, for my friend. In the shelf he had a copy of Advaitasiddhi. And offered the book for half the price rs. 350 /= and the cost price was rs. 400/=. Confused, me too. He told me that the new reviced price for the new edition is rs. 700 /=. But, still I didn’t have enough money on me. I had only rs. 150 /=. He was ready to trust me for the rest of the money, and asked me to send it later. After carefully calculating the money I have in rishikesh, I took and promised the man that on my return to rishikesh will immediately send him the money.

After this I came to the place of my stay. When I checked all the books, the sankhya karika book was the same book, which my neighbor didn’t want. The seller, had mistakenly given me the book. The next day in the morning, before going to rishikesh, went to old delhi. The seller didn’t have the book I want, and that is the reason he had changed the books, on his own (like when we ask for a medicine the chemists offer us the same medicine composition of a different company). He gave me the money rs. 300 /=. I kept it in my pocket and took a bus to I.S.B.T. (inter state bus terminal) to take a bus to rishikesh. When the conductor asked for the money, I put my hands in the upper pocket where I had kept the money. Surprise, the money is gone, I probably lost it to a pick-pocket. Fortunately I had some money in another pocket with which I paid for the ticket.

Now, along with the bus started my mind also started to work. Now, I had to send the money for the publisher, as I had promised ( I keep up my word, as a rule) and I have to return this lot money to the neighbor. It was little more that that 300/= I had lost. I was trying to set the tally proper, by adjusting the account again and again. During those times, I didn’t have any money, as I had once told earlier, I was only into studies and had no time for any extra-curricular, like maintaining contact with devotees or going for the bandaras (feast with some money). My mind worked overdrive, and suddenly in muzzafarnagar, close to a field, there was a burst. It was the tire of the bus. With this my mind also came to a halt. That was the last time I thought so much about money, and with this breakdown I stopped to think anymore about the money. When I came back, I send the money to the publisher as promised, told the neighbors the truth, and promised them to return their money, when I have some.

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