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Mother of all Reasons

Posted by on March 2, 2013

Long ago, after I had come to rishikesh, when I had gone to Chennai, and was in my home. I make it a point to go to meet my parents, whenever I am in south. That time around, my mom had put a long face and was looking very serious, when I inquired about the reason for being so, see dodged the question. After some time, she asked me the reason for me to leave the house. I asked her the reason for asking this after this long period and that too in this fashion. She said, she had visited an astrologer long ago, and he had said that she was the reason for me to leave the house. And asked me, did the fight or some reason to become angry with her made me go. I said, it is nothing like that. And she didn’t leave at that, she asked me is it because of love failure J. These are some of the staple reasons that these astrologers give, when the boy leaves the house at a young age. I said that it is also not a proper reason.

After giving up, she asked than what is the real reason. I after a minute or two, said, it is you. The astrologer is partially right. You should see her face, when she heard it. She was on the verge of crying, I continued, the real reason, if you want to hear, it is you, I repeat again. But, it is not for the mother-son-ly fight or anything. But it is because of your good up-bringing. You gave a good platform, for me to be righteous, virtuous and god believing etc. and that is the reason for me to go for the right way of living, instead of being a loafer or a looser. After hearing this reply, her happiness had no bounds.

Really, one can become a sadhu, for any number of reasons. But, if those reasons are not the right reasons, one will not be able to reach the goal of self-realization. Leave alone that, one will be a disgrace to himself and the society at large because of his lack of goal / character.

Should it be Mother of all reasons or Mother, of all reasons or mother of all, reasons ….


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