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Bhaja Govindam – Sloka 12

Posted by on September 20, 2012




Dinayaminyau – day and night

Sayam – dusk

Prata – dawn

Shisharavasantau – winter and spring

Punar – again

Ayata – comes

Kala – time

Kridati – plays

Gacchati – goes / leaves

Ayuh – life

Tadapi – even then

Na – does not

Munchati – giveup

Ashavayu – the assosiation



Day and night, dawn and dusk, winter and spring come and go again and again. This way the time goes / passes by playfully and the time of death also comes near. But still, this jiva does not give up the desires, which lead them astray.



This is the ultimate teaching for the Astikas. When we see the person whom we trust, believe shows a loss of hope, it ignites the bond between the person and the personified. Here too Acharya, after talking about the vairagya in length applies this logic and hammers the final nail.

Instead of wasting the time in useless pursuit day-in and day-out, one should take time to examine the path one’s life is leading him into.

When we turn back and look during the time of death / in death-bed then we would understand whatever time spend on the pursuit of happiness is wasted one. Because, that did not give the sense of completeness. For doing this one need not be in death-bed, one can think as one is in such a situation and retrospect one’s life.

Different time, different place and different people but the desire is the same.


If this does not do it, nothing will do it (give you the Vairagya and Viveka).


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