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Bhaja Govindam – Sloka 11

Posted by on September 20, 2012


Ma – don’t

Kuru – gain

Dhana – wealth

Jana – people

Yauvana – youth

Garvam – ego

Harati – destroys

Nimeshad – in split second

Kala – time / death

Sarvam – everything

Mamayaam  – illusional

Idam – this

Akhilam – whole world

Hitva – giving up

Brahmapadam – Brahman state

Tvam – you

Pravisha – enter

Viditva – knowing


Don’t gain ego because of the wealth, people and / or youth. All these are destroyed in split-second by the time or death. Knowing everything in the world and the world to be illusional or ephemeral, give up the attachment or association with it. And, enter the brahminical state after knowing it.


One normally gains a great amount of ego because of the possession or the power on holds. The dhana here should be understood as possession. Whether it is money or any meager possession it only creates and increases the idea of duality. So too, the idea of power. This is what is referred by jana. Though loosely translated it is the people, but, the support you gain from the people surrounding is a power. The third type of ego is the youth. Here youth can be understood as comparatively younger. Because of the age, one is able to do different thing through the body, which becomes difficult or impossible for older person.

All these different type of ego are useless, because, the time which is the representative of Death will destroy all of it in matter of seconds. Kala though means time, it is to be understood here as the Death (Lord Yama). The Lord Yama, has a boon, by which though he destroys everyone in due time according to their fate, will not be identified as the culprit or will not be cursed for this. People attribute it to different things.

Therefore, one should cultivate dispassion towards the world in the lines of the stanza 8. And give the attachment to it. And to gain this the methods prescribed in the stanza 3 and 4 will be useful.

After, gaining dispassion as said in the 2nd stanza one should enter into the assossiation of the people discussing Sat. this is necessary prerequisite to gain the knowledge. What was said in the th stanza is stressed here. By the word “viditva” to learn from a proper Guru is specified.

With reference to the other states of wakeup, dream and deep sleep; the turiya (fourth), which is our intrinsic nature is referred as a state.

So in reference to the the worldy existence our intrinsic nature, to be the Self, is referred as a Pada – state.


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