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Bhaja Govindam – Sloka 10

Posted by on September 20, 2012


Vayasi – when the age

gate – is lost

ka – what

kamavikara – sexual thoughts does / happens

shuske – when dries

nire – of water

ka – what

kasara – lake remains

kshine – when lost

vitte – is the wealth

ka – what

parivara  – relations exist

jnate – when known

tatve – the Truth

ka – what

samsara – Samsara exists.


When one looses his age, where can there be any sexual transformations. When the water dries, what lake remains. When the wealth is lost, where will be the relations. And when the Truth (Brahman) is known where can there be any samsara.


When one looses age – when one becomes old. It is not that, when one becomes old, he will start to become pious or no such thoughts about sex arise. But, of what use will it be, the body won’t support it. And not just that, the thoughts also, as we saw in the 7th stanza, is only about the worry about the past or feature.

When the water is lost, where is the lake. The lake gets the name lake only because of the water. The father becomes a father only when one gets a progeny. But when there is no son / daughter the name or the title father will not fit the person. In the same way, if there is no water the name lake, river, sea or any other water body loses its reference.

When one has the wealth, even the unknown person, wants to be related to oneself. But, when one loses the wealth, the people who are close to him will distance themselves from the person. This was said in the 5th stanza.

When one gains the knowledge about the Self, there can be no samsara. Samsara is because of the ignorance of the Self. The world and its creation are just a superimposed transformation of the ignorance. This ignorance, whence did it start? If be asked, the answer can only be Anadi – from begingless time. It cannot be explained. It is inexplicable. Because, the idea of time and the reference with the time is in ignorance. Though it has no beginning this ignorance is destroyed when the knowledge dawns. That is why this is defined as “bhavarupa jnana nivartya” – existential and removed by knowledge. Existential means in the vyavahara – transactional plane. Otherwise, what is cannot be negated and what is not also need not be negated. So too is the ignorance, like the knowledge of snake in the rope. The knowledge of pseudo-snake creates all the reaction as the real snake. But, when we know the rope, it gets negated. It did exist, during the confusion. But, ceases to exist when the true knowledge of rope dawns. Where did this snake come from and where did it go, all these questions are futile.

When the knowledge of the Self, which is non-dual dawns. Since, there is nothing other than the self and the root cause for the samsara, the ignorance, is destroyed, what can be called as samsara. Ignorance is Samsara.


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