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My Karma !!!

Posted by on July 11, 2012

After a long gap we are back. The comments kept us out.

I was in sringeri recently for a talk, it was a bhashya parayana with a lecture everyday in the evening. Tried to skip (will understand why later) this programme, but, let us say I went. Before i went for the talk, since i was there for only the talk, another Acharya of a very prestigious ashram had raised a storm. He had said, the teaching method the others were following was wrong, there can be no sakama and nishkama in upasana but only in karma. (Sakama – karma performed with desire, Nishkama – karma performed without desire). Since, the Q & A did not solve this, some sadhus out there asked me to give a fitting reply.

Since, i was delivering a lecture on Brahma Sutra Adyaya 4 Pada 1 & 2, i included this in the talk itself.
I said that, there are many places in the upasana khanda where there are other results prescribed. First negative results, when the disciple goes to the Guru to learn more about the particular upasana he is doing, the Guru asks him what type of Upasana they are doing, one says “eye as Brahman” the Guru says you will loose the eyesight, then the other says “ear as Brahman” Guru says you will loose your hearing. So much for the Guru, one goes to him to get the fear removed and the Guru puts in him more fear. But, that is to attract him to the complete Upasana. In Taiteriya, Chandogya, Brhadaranyaka etc there are many a Upasana with results from gaining Son, wealth, food etc….

So, clearly as in Karma in Upasana too we can have Sakama and Nishkama adjectives.

Apart from the Sruti explanation, if the Upasana is only Nishkama and if the result is Brahma Vidya, if one meditates for even for a second, then, his release from the Bondage is gaurenteed.

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