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Monthly Archives: March 2016

AdvaitaSiddhi – Lecture 4 -Part 1

Uptill now whatever has been the discussion is regarding only the preliminaries. However, with “Mithyate vipratipatti pradarshanam, tad proyjanam” is the topic here. The discussion regarding the necessity of Vipratipatti statement is really the base on which we can carry out the analysis that is taking place here. The decision regarding the matter has been … Continue reading »

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From Father to Son

  There is a proverb in Indian languages (especially in tamil), the deed of the father comes to the son. There was a question regarding this, today morning. Now, this was interesting. In the Aiteriya Upanishad the father is said to be born as the Son, and in another place too, the scriptures proclaim “pita … Continue reading »

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