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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Govinda – 10

What is the position of a woman in the scheme. This is a very important question. We cannot discuss this in isolation. The dharma, be it for a man or woman is dependent upon the circumstances of the period we live in. The dharma cannot be fixed for all the periods, that is, it cannot … Continue reading »

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Govinda – 9

Ok. Now please tell me how should one get converted, as in the case of the mlechhas, to the sanathana dharma. Shivahari laughed heartily, hearing this question. And answered, I see where the question comes from; you had seen those foreigners being “converted” to sanathana dharama, Hinduism by those pundits. But, those kind of conversion … Continue reading »

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Govinda – 8

Kshatriya and others Next day after finishing the morning duties, both son and father ate their food. And later they sat for the discussion on the subject from the place they had left. Govinda, did you understand all that was said, yesterday. Pa, I understood, now please continue with the dharmas of others. Ok, in … Continue reading »

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