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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Petty Ego Trip

People who visit Himalayas for the first time or umpteenth time, claim this ‘I feel my ego is reduced to nothing when I stand in front of the gigantic mountains or when I sit for meditation (!) in front of the Ganges’. This is so hollow as their claim. Why? I ask why, when you … Continue reading »

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Govinda – 5

NOTE : I wanted to elaborate these things in the final version, maybe take some inputs from my mother :)(smileys are to re-iterate this is not my-story)about the karmas which were performed for me :)( as i was her first baby). In the fourth month Nishkaramana – bringing the child to the outdoors for the … Continue reading »

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Govinda – 4

Pregnancy Samskaras After finding a good day for the first night ceremony, which also needs to be a ritu – fertile period for the girl, the ceremony was arranged. It is a custom, to celebrate any function or do any program only after propitiating the family deity. So, in the evening of the ceremony the … Continue reading »

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