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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Shraddha – what is it ?

çästrasya guruväkyasya satyabuddhyavadhäraëam | sä çraddhä kathitä sadbhiryayä vastüpalabhyate || 25||   Accepting the statements of the scriptures and the instructions of the Guru to be completely true is called Shradda, through which the Truth is understood, according to the knowers of Truth.   Accepting the statements of the Scriptures and the Guru as completely … Continue reading »

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Vivekacudamani – 410

prakåtivikåtiçünyaà bhävanätétabhävaà samarasamasamänaà mänasambandhadüram | nigamavacanasiddhaà nityamasmatprasiddhaà hådi kalayati vidvän brahma pürëaà samädhau || 410||   Devoid of being the cause and the effect, its nature is beyond imaginations, unchanging, without any equal, not releated from faroff with the measurements / comparisons (or the association with the pramana), accomplished through the statements of the vedas, … Continue reading »

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How to perform Purascharana

After knowing that people are interested in knowing about purascharan, see many visiting what is purascharana page, thought of writing a blog on how to do apurascharana.   The first and foremost requirement for doing a purascharana is Mantra. By mantra what we mean is the one initiated by a Guru and not just picked … Continue reading »

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