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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Brief Introduction to AdvaitaSiddhi

AdvaitaSiddhi is one of the three Brhad-prastana-traya, which form the navya-vedanta (the neo-vedanta, should not confuse this with the half baked “new” ‘vedantina’). The other two being, Chitsukhi or Pratyag-tattva-pradipika by Sri Chitsukha muni, and Khandana-khanda-khadya or Anirvacaniya-sarvasva of Sri Sriharsha. These texts use the navya-nyaya (neo logic) language, very liberally.These three are referred to … Continue reading »

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No Work Just Gnan

  vadantu çästräëi yajantu devän kurvantu karmäëi bhajantu devatäù | ätmaikyabodhena vinäpi muktiù na sidhyati brahmaçatäntare’pi || 6||   Vadantu – let him speak, Shastrani – on the scriptures, Yajantu – let him propitiate, Devani – the deities, Kurvantu – let him do, Karmani – the karmas prescribed in the scriptures and the other karmas, … Continue reading »

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Who is a Guru ?

çrotriyo’våjino’kämahato yo brahmavittamaù | brahmaëyuparataù çänto nirindhana ivänalaù |     The Guru should be one who has studied the scriptures from the Tradition, should not be endowed with Sin (sinful actions), has gained victory on the desires, and the knower of the pure Self, and ever established in it and therefore tranquil, like the … Continue reading »

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