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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Savikalpa Vs Nirvikalpa Samadhi

There are two types of Samadhi in the vedanta 1. Savikalpa and 2. Nirvikalpa Ignorant – who has the association with the avidya. The kid who sees a wild elephant (world) in the wooden statue (Self), like the ignorant sees the world as different from the Self. Has the ahankara (ego) which is impure Savikaplpa … Continue reading »

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The ‘other’ Pramana

There are three accepted pramanas (other than the perception, inference, verbal testimony etc), 1. Shruti (Vedas), 2. Smrti (recollections) and 3. Yukti and 4. Anubhava (experience). Shruti – is the ultimate pramana, ehrn compared to all the other pramanas. Smrti – is the second most important pramana, in the absence of an equivalent shruti. If … Continue reading »

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