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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Some Q & A – 2

Cont…   5.What is the exact difference between Shaktadvaita and Shivadvaita ? I was recently reading an article by MM Gopinath Kaviraj who claims these two are different, but the difference between them seems to me rather based on terminology(at least reading the article it seemed) answer:both shakta and shivadavaita are very similar. the idea … Continue reading »

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Some Q & A

Iam posting the posts by Rajit ji, in the forum.   These are some questions which were put to Swamiji, and He kindly answered them. Though these are being posted   under the topic Vedanta, occasional references are made to other darshanas also. 1. Firstly as far as I understood, in Advaita there is a Sat, … Continue reading »

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Doshas of Hetu

What is the difference between sadhyavikalata and sadhanavikalata dosha ? Before answering this, let us understand that these doshas are often used to point out to the logical fallacy. There are others like bhagasiddhi, vyabhichara etc. too.   To understand these doshas, we have to understand the avavaya – limbs, of the tarka – syllogory. … Continue reading »

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