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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Some Q & A – 5

16. Can you kindly explain why BhagawAN Bhasyakara and Sureshwaracharyaji, in some places   identify deep sleep as  a statewhen Atman becomes one with Brahman answer: For this BS 3.2.8 adhikarana and B.S 3.2.9 should be seen concurrently. because, though on 8 he says it is sushptisthana, since it is in tadatmya with brahma, still, one … Continue reading »

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Some Q & A – 4

11.Firstly when Madhusudana Saraswatiji, starts HIs Advaita Siddhi, he states that mithatya of world is to proved first.Can you please explain what exactly Buddhists positon regarding falsity of the world(I am speaking of Vijanavadins and Shunyavadins) and its relation with the advaita position? answer: They both accept the world to be non-existant, and is just a … Continue reading »

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Some Q & A – 3

cont …   7.THe term pratiyogin , I always get confused about it, it seems to mean multiple things.I have read two translations of the term “counter-positive” and “counter-correlate”.Can you kindly explain what is the basic difference between “counter-positive” and “counter-correlate” and what is the precise meaning of pratiyogi? In discussing the viprapatti ,the text … Continue reading »

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