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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Bhagawata : Tatparya

When I was in south, happened to listen to one of the famous Bhagawatakara (bhagawatist :)). In his speech spoke about the importance that should be given to the bhagawatakara etc. when I heard this I thought, in the Brahma Sutra bhagawan vyasa and Bhagawan Bhashyakara during the discussion of the importance of bhagawata matha … Continue reading »

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Life of Sadhus

This is an asked often question. Some verbalize and some still feel it difficult to ask. This is one such, send by somebody. How do the Sadhus maintain themselves @Rishikesh, especially those who are not aligned with any ashram ? And specifically those with health problems and dependent on medicine etc ? Does someone take … Continue reading »

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Mother of all Reasons

Long ago, after I had come to rishikesh, when I had gone to Chennai, and was in my home. I make it a point to go to meet my parents, whenever I am in south. That time around, my mom had put a long face and was looking very serious, when I inquired about the … Continue reading »

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