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Monthly Archives: March 2013

No Confusion

In an earlier blog, I had said that the puranas are for the people who are less qualified. Now on reading this we (some of us 🙂 ) have these doubts, What exactly is the role of puranas?You wrote in your blog it is the means of realization for less qualified people .But somehow it seems that … Continue reading »

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What is a Shiva Linga

Shiva linga though many people in their ignorance consider it as a phallus worship or union of male-female etc. these ideas are absurd. A linga means leenam artham gamayathi, that which points out to the hidden truth, and shiva means auspiciousness. A shiva linga is a pointer to the Truth. Truth is the most auspicious. … Continue reading »

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Securely Insecure

This happened years back. When I was in virakth ashram. I had gone from rishikesh to Delhi to purchase some books. It had to be purchased from different locations. I bought some books from old delhi, near university. These were books from chaukamba, and I had to buy some sets of the sankya karika book … Continue reading »

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