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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Vidhi of mimamsa

There are three types vidhi vakyas, injunction statements found in the scriptures. They are apurva vidhi, niyama vidhi and parisankhya vidhi. Apurva vidhi : when we have a new knowledge gained from a statement, and which is not gained before or / and from any other means than this type of injunction is called as … Continue reading »

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Avidya alias Adhyasa

Was in Brindavan for a coule of days, as I was asked by some of the sadhus there I did adhyasa bhashya for them. In that there is a statement in the bhashya, “tam etam evam lakshanam adhyasam panditaa avidya iti  manyante” – that this adhyasa is accepted as avidhya by the knowledgeable people, when … Continue reading »

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