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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Decoding a Statement.

The difference between abhitananvyavada and anvitabhidanvada.Which one is accepted in advaita? Abhihit-anvaya and anvita-abhidana both are different form of understanding. I don’t think we can fix one or the other for advaita.  Though, anvita-abhidana will be more apt.  People use one as the situation demands. In abhita-anvaya first we understand the statement and then later … Continue reading »

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Logical Arguments

There are three types of discussion possible, according to nyaya Shastra. They are 1. Vadha 2. Jalpa and 3. Vithanda. Vadha –  “pramaana – tarka – saadhanopalambha – siddhantaaviruddha panca-avayava-upapanna paksha-pratipaksha-parigraha vaadha” (nyaya sutra) With the help of the means of right knowledge “pramana”  and logic “tarka” following ones idea one should use the syllogory  … Continue reading »

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Buddha according to Vedanta.

>>How should a follower of advaita vedanta,look upon Bhagawan Buddha.He is considered to be an avatara of Shree Hari, yet Bhagawan Bhasyakar in His Brahmasutra bhasya after refuting buddhism, criticizes Him saying that He wanted to delude people,as so many contradictory views.   For an Advaitin everyone is an Avatar. (in tamil they use Avatar … Continue reading »

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