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Monthly Archives: October 2012

What is Navratri?

In the sanatana dharma (hindu system), it is accepted, whatever is in macrocosm is in microcosm or vice-versa. And whatever exists either in duality or in trinity. If we accept good then evil is inevitable. If we accept the big-bang and the light etc. then destruction and darkness is inevitable. This way every year is … Continue reading »

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Chaturmasya nirnaya

I am in Mumbai, there was a discussion on the chaturmasya vrata mainly the Sannyasins do, during the rainy season. It is normally done for 2 months though the word chatur means four. They don’t cross a village / stream and stay put in one place teaching or discussing the scriptures. How come a four … Continue reading »

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I, You and We

Darshana  means philosophy. And it is through which one sees the Truth. This darshana is a Pramana “means of right knowledge” for knowing the Truth. Any darshana deals with the basic three things, I, You and We. I, you and we differs acoording to the different interpretation of the philosophy. — I in may be … Continue reading »

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