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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Of Gods and Demons

After so much talk about the Gods and their darshan, we will look at the other side, spirits. Even people who believe in God or ‘super’ power, still have the doubt about the spirits. Many have asked me this question, time and again. The answer is, as the existence of the Gods, the spirits existence … Continue reading »

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Searching beauty.

My previous blog titled “oh, what a LIFE” seems to be one with a lot of self-pity or complaint, when viewed otherwise. But the truth is, it was a expression of happiness or contentment. It is a way of life, as I said before, accepted whole-heartedly with love by me. To do something one loves … Continue reading »

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oh, What a LIFE !!!

When I was discussing about these ‘experiences’ I was asked this “does these blogs include details of your study period?”. Now, I will discuss it here. When I came to Virakth Ashram on August 15 what I had was only some box of books, which I had purchased and was in a hope to study. … Continue reading »

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