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Monthly Archives: September 2011

JK not OK.

So, after this episode in the hospital, i was silently seaching for a solution for my questions. The problem i understood with the situation is, no one understands the problem but everyone has one or more solutions. During this period i was, for sometime, going  to sky, ok, it is simplified kundalini yoga. But, it … Continue reading »

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For the Love of “Self”

This here is not to hurt anybody. If you read this, it maybe an eyeopener. How sometimes your own people dont act like your own. i.e., when we say our own, how many layers of it exists that we really are not aware of. When as said in the previous blog, was admitted in the … Continue reading »

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How i Regained Consiousness.

I was about to open my eyes, towards my left i heard a voice, “Doctor, the patient is regaining consiousness”. This prophecy was made by the nurse who was pouring warm water into my mouth. I open my eyes and see the white room and next to me this white dressed lady (See, i didnt know then that … Continue reading »

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