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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Why start Vedanta discussion with Mitya ?

This is the famous statement of Bhagavan Madhusudhana Saraswati in Advaitasiddhi, “tatra advaitasiddhe: dvaitamithyatva siddhipurvakatvaat dvaitamityatvameva prathamam upapaadaneeyam” – Here, the non-dual self can be established only through establishing the mityatva of dvaita (mityaness of duality), therefore the mityatva of the duality is what should be established first. Even after 2/3 years of study of … Continue reading »

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What is Maya / Avidya / Mitya ?

Simple definition of this is “Anadi Santa Anirvachaneeya” – that which is beginingless but has an end, and that which is inexplicable. Or, “Sad-asad ubhaya bhinnatvam” – that which is different from existence and non-existence. For this we give examples of Mother of pearl and silver or mirage water or rope and snake. But to … Continue reading »

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What is a Shastric blog?

What is a Shastric Blog ? A blog that deals with shastra. Shastric can be interpreted as:  a) that deals with shastra.  b) that which is traditional. What is Shastra ? Shastra means, “shashanaat trananaat” – that which guides and protects. Is there one or many shastras ? Shastra can mean anything that guides in the … Continue reading »

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