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Monthly Archives: May 2011

What is Vairagya ?

Why Vairagya at this small age? This was the question which I faced when I came to rishikesh. They used to ask me, what is the anger with the world etc. The truth is if you come for any other reason, finally you will be caught by the same reason, you wanted an escape from. Some say, … Continue reading »

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What is Yoga?

Yoga philosophy, is mainly based in the Sankya philosophy. It is also said : Sankyans are nireshwara yogis and Yogis are seshwara sankyans. (nireeshwara – without god, seshwara – with god). With the addition of God, some accept 26 tatwas in Yoga. But, for others, since, Ishwara is vishesha (special) purusha, it is still 25 tattwas. For the state … Continue reading »

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What is Sankya ?

Sankya is a system of indian philosophy, which is the closest one to the vedic system. Sankya is a term coined from the word sankya – number. They accept 25 substances. The system was first taught by Bhagawan Kapila maharishi. Though, we find a similar name in bhagavad purana, the teaching there is of advaita … Continue reading »

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