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Poorva Mimamsa

Problems and Solutions – in Purascharana

After seeing a large number of people interested in knowing about the purascharana, i thought to write some of the “problems” on may face in the period of purascharana. The most important of all the other problem one faces during one starts a purascharana is the increase of ‘heat; in the body. People who are … Continue reading »

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EkaVakyata – Two to Sync

We earlier said about Ekavakyata, and its two types Padaikyavakyata amd Vakyaikyavakyata. People often mistake, even without knowing about ekavakyata, during decoding the Vedic statements. So, understanding this is of great importance. Pada-eka-vakyata – when the whole statement is boiled down to a word, and if that word to fulfill the expectation of another statement … Continue reading »

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Gayatri Purascarana

I received a question asking about the gayatri purascarana. Though we wrote about the purascarana In general the gayatri purascarana is a special one. First we will discuss the pre-requisite for this purascarana. One should be one in the trivarnika (Brahmin, kshatriya or vaishya), this is a basic requirement, as specified by the Shastra, for … Continue reading »

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