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Doshas of Hetu

What is the difference between sadhyavikalata and sadhanavikalata dosha ? Before answering this, let us understand that these doshas are often used to point out to the logical fallacy. There are others like bhagasiddhi, vyabhichara etc. too.   To understand these doshas, we have to understand the avavaya – limbs, of the tarka – syllogory. … Continue reading »

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Order of Study

Normally i tell the people who  listen from the site to start with sadanapancaka (for tamil knowing only) and then to listen to first 6 chapters of Pancadasi. now, one will have an idea about, why one should study shastra. Then, the order is to study, sankya, yoga, tarka (nyaya/vaisheshika), poorvamimamsa and vedanta paribhasha. once the knowledge of … Continue reading »

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