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Order of Study

Normally i tell the people who  listen from the site to start with sadanapancaka (for tamil knowing only) and then to listen to first 6 chapters of Pancadasi. now, one will have an idea about, why one should study shastra. Then, the order is to study, sankya, yoga, tarka (nyaya/vaisheshika), poorvamimamsa and vedanta paribhasha. once the knowledge of … Continue reading »

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What is Yoga?

Yoga philosophy, is mainly based in the Sankya philosophy. It is also said : Sankyans are nireshwara yogis and Yogis are seshwara sankyans. (nireeshwara – without god, seshwara – with god). With the addition of God, some accept 26 tatwas in Yoga. But, for others, since, Ishwara is vishesha (special) purusha, it is still 25 tattwas. For the state … Continue reading »

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