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AivkLpiv;y @k> Swanu> pué;> ïutae=iSt y> ïuit;u, $ñrmumya n pr< vNde=numyaip tmixgtm!. 1. Salute that which is discussed in the scriptures as “ekam eva advitiyam” (here in the sloka as “eka sthanu purusha” (one only non-dual)) and gained through the non-qualified knowledge, who is the Iswara himself, gained by not only Uma (Shiva’s wife) but … Continue reading »

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This is the Book KhandanaKhandanaKhadya with translation and commentary. If you are not able to view the Devanagari, please download sanskrit99 font. And Devanagari is not done completely for the entire book, the first word of the paragraph beginning will be given, follow it with a book. I have not done the proof-reading too 🙂   … Continue reading »

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AdvaitaSiddhi – Lecture 13 – Part 2

Na cha asatiativyapti, Just because, the eternal non-existence of something is being discussed, one should not levy a charge of ativyapti against the Advaitin. Why? The revered author clarifies this: swaatyantyaabhvadhikaraneevasattwenprateymantwasyavivikshitytwat It is not  that here the knowledge takes place without any corresponding cognition(pratite) of existence.  In the definition we have to accept “sattwenpratitiarhatwa” as … Continue reading »

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