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Different Examples of Bhashya and its Meaning

There are fourteen types of examples given Bhagavan Bhashyakaara in different portions of the Bhashya. Though all these are interpreted in the same way as to establish superimposition and similarly we should de-superimpose, we find a unique nature in each of these example. Each one stands for removing some or the other type of erroneous … Continue reading »

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Misconceptions about Hinduism

This episode happened when i was in Malaysia. This boy Siri, who is doing his Bachelor Degree from an American University met me. This is the first time we meet, so to start with a common topic, i asked about the sign written in the front side of hi T-Shirt, which read “Hindu Yuva”, which … Continue reading »

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Chapter 1 Condemning the acceptance of Pramana etc as part of dialog   àmana*_yupgmSy kwa¼Tvo{fnm! Aw kwaya< vaidnae inymmeta†z< mNyNte – – àma[ady svRtÙisÏaNttya isÏa> pdawaR> sNtIit kwka_yam_yupeym!, Supporting: The logician accepts the pramaana etc different substances as a necessary pre-requisite for any dialog. They say “since they are accepted by all the philosophies it … Continue reading »

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