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Misconceptions about Hinduism

This episode happened when i was in Malaysia. This boy Siri, who is doing his Bachelor Degree from an American University met me. This is the first time we meet, so to start with a common topic, i asked about the sign written in the front side of hi T-Shirt, which read “Hindu Yuva”, which … Continue reading »

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Guru Poornima 2016

This year the Guru poornima celebrations was held at chennai, in the same venue as the previous three occasions, Villivakkam Sri Kamakoti hall. The main event started as usual with the chant of Totakashtakam and Guru Stotra, followed by Vyasa Puja and Guru Puja. But, above all the main part I was waiting, for so … Continue reading »

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Being made April fool, on all days

Today is April 1, fools day, enjoy this. This is going to be a little long. I am not talking about Vedanta here, where we explain the Ignorance making us a fool everyday (and where, even the concept of day etc to be Ignorance). Around 5/6th supposed to go to the Germany Embassy for biometric … Continue reading »

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