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Govinda – 11

Different ashramas There are four ashramas, with this shivahari started the topic about the ashramas. They are brahmacharya, grhasta, vanaprastha and sanyasa. A boy born out of the three varnas, when initiated with the sacred thread, enters bramacharya ashrama. This is an ashrama exclusive for the study of the respected shastra – the Vedas or … Continue reading »

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Govinda – 10

What is the position of a woman in the scheme. This is a very important question. We cannot discuss this in isolation. The dharma, be it for a man or woman is dependent upon the circumstances of the period we live in. The dharma cannot be fixed for all the periods, that is, it cannot … Continue reading »

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Govinda – 9

Ok. Now please tell me how should one get converted, as in the case of the mlechhas, to the sanathana dharma. Shivahari laughed heartily, hearing this question. And answered, I see where the question comes from; you had seen those foreigners being “converted” to sanathana dharama, Hinduism by those pundits. But, those kind of conversion … Continue reading »

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