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My ‘Experiences’ with MAYA

Cooking Stories

These are some interesting cooking stories, which happened and not cooked up :).   When I was in Virakth Ashram, my neighbour Atmananda, who is from Maharashtra, gave me some beaten or parched rice (don’t remember which one it was) and asked me to prepare some upma. Upma is a fastfood variety of south india. … Continue reading »

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The L(e)ast Temptation

In the last post, I spoke of the mantra prayoga (application) and that it should not be done, though how may ever it be tempting. But, when I was going through a very old book on prayoga, which came to me accidently, I was tempted. Don’t jump into any conclusion. This is not any prayoga … Continue reading »

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Of Gods and Demons

After so much talk about the Gods and their darshan, we will look at the other side, spirits. Even people who believe in God or ‘super’ power, still have the doubt about the spirits. Many have asked me this question, time and again. The answer is, as the existence of the Gods, the spirits existence … Continue reading »

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