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My ‘Experiences’ with MAYA

Day Before Yesterday

These are some beautiful veiws of day before yesterday in Rishikesh. I have not vitnessed such a scene in all my years of stay in rishikesh. This hailstorm was exclusive to our part of rishikesh, the main area was not blessed with this 🙂 I am not a supporter of the global warming, should i … Continue reading »

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Securely Insecure

This happened years back. When I was in virakth ashram. I had gone from rishikesh to Delhi to purchase some books. It had to be purchased from different locations. I bought some books from old delhi, near university. These were books from chaukamba, and I had to buy some sets of the sankya karika book … Continue reading »

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Mother of all Reasons

Long ago, after I had come to rishikesh, when I had gone to Chennai, and was in my home. I make it a point to go to meet my parents, whenever I am in south. That time around, my mom had put a long face and was looking very serious, when I inquired about the … Continue reading »

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