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Author Archives: HramKrim

Misconceptions about Hinduism

This episode happened when i was in Malaysia. This boy Siri, who is doing his Bachelor Degree from an American University met me. This is the first time we meet, so to start with a common topic, i asked about the sign written in the front side of hi T-Shirt, which read “Hindu Yuva”, which … Continue reading »

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Chapter 1 Condemning the acceptance of Pramana etc as part of dialog   àmana*_yupgmSy kwa¼Tvo{fnm! Aw kwaya< vaidnae inymmeta†z< mNyNte – – àma[ady svRtÙisÏaNttya isÏa> pdawaR> sNtIit kwka_yam_yupeym!, Supporting: The logician accepts the pramaana etc different substances as a necessary pre-requisite for any dialog. They say “since they are accepted by all the philosophies it … Continue reading »

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AivkLpiv;y @k> Swanu> pué;> ïutae=iSt y> ïuit;u, $ñrmumya n pr< vNde=numyaip tmixgtm!. 1. Salute that which is discussed in the scriptures as “ekam eva advitiyam” (here in the sloka as “eka sthanu purusha” (one only non-dual)) and gained through the non-qualified knowledge, who is the Iswara himself, gained by not only Uma (Shiva’s wife) but … Continue reading »

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