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Author Archives: HramKrim

How Vrtti functions

Mind transforms into Vrtti (thought function) and travels through the sense-organ to the place of the Object. The Chaitanya (consiousness) associated with the Vrtti illumines the Object, and the Object gets reflected in the Vritti, i.e. the Vritti takes the form of the Object, by engulfing it. This gives the knowledge of the Objects. This … Continue reading »

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Three vaada in Vedanta

Jiva and Iswara are understood in different ways according to the methodology we accept. There are three major methodologies in Vedanta. avaccheda-vada – Jiva is ‘avidya avacchinna caitanya’ – Avidya Associated Consciousness and Iswara is ‘maya avacchinna caitanya’ – Maya Associated Consciousness pratibimba-vada – Jiva is ‘ajñana pratibimbita caitanya’ – Avidya Reflected Consciousness and Iswara … Continue reading »

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Vedanta – Religion? Philosophy? or Something else? – 2

Second part We were discussing about religion and the problems of religion, not of God. You have to understand that. God, as accepted in the religion, will have all these problems invariably. Religion, over a time period, becomes so diluated that the founder of the religion will find it very difficult to understand that religion. … Continue reading »

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